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  • Rooter Experts Tips: Keep Your Toilet Running

    The average person spends THREE YEARS of his/her life using the toilet! Isn’t that insane?! Now just consider that number and think about how you treat your toilet. How often do you have it serviced? How often do you clean it?!


    We can’t motivate you to clean the john, but Rooter Experts does have some tips to help keep your toilet functioning properly so you can enjoy its use for three years.

    Cleaning The Bowl

    When it’s time to clean the toilet, many people just throw a drop-in cleaner into the bowl and call it good. First of all, this doesn’t actually clean the part that you sit on. For that, you need spray disinfectants, used weekly or bi-weekly.

    But drop-in cleaners are especially harmful, more than you’d realize. The bar starts to reduce over time, until it finally becomes small enough to get flushed. Problem is, it is still large enough to get lodged in the port holes, interfering with proper flushing that causes a backup. You may need to call a plumbing company to remove the cleaner.

    Bonus tip: Wash your toilet’s flusher. This is the most likely piece to be touched by hands, so it carries more germs.

    Check for Leaks

    Did you know that the toilet uses more water than any other household appliance? This means that a leak can cause your water bill to rapidly increase. Many times it is impossible to even notice a leak, so put food coloring in the tank and check the bowl in an hour. If the water has changed colors, it means you have a leak and may need to get it fixed. Perform this test yearly.

    Also, check to see if your toilet is flushing slower than normal. This could be a sign of a leak, backup, broken tank, or a toilet clog . If you think something is wrong, call a plumbing company for a thorough check up.

    Don’t Flush Garbage

    Toilet paper is designed to fall apart when it gets wet, making it safe to flush. But facial tissues, baby wipes, and paper towels can all cause clogs. Also, properly dispose of all trash and never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper.

    Thanks for taking the time to read over these toilet tips and hopefully they help you take better care of the porcelain throne.

  • Tips From Your Local Los Angeles Plumbing Company: Cleaning Clogs

    Clogs in drains, pipes and toilets are one of the most common household problems. Sometimes they are simply an annoyance, but oftentimes they lead to overflows, water damage, and an increased utilities bill. Obviously, keeping you water flowing regularly is important to prevent further problems.

    In order to keep you from spending money to fix the blockage, here are some clog tips from Rooter Experts, a local Los Angeles plumbing company who’s got your back:

    • Never flush sanitary napkins, baby wipes, or thick toilet paper down the toilet. Regular toilet paper is designed to disintegrate when in contact with water, but napkins and facial tissues are not. These products can actually expand, creating a clog. Dispose of them in bio-degradable bags to prevent backing up the toilet and to be eco-friendly.
    • Hair is another source of blockage. Use hair strainers in the shower and toilet to capture long hairs.
    • Contrary to popular belief, liquid cleaning supplies can actually be harmful to your pipes. Use a plumber’s snake or plunger first, then consider calling a plumbing company.
    • Finally, when in the kitchen, never dump fat, grease, or oils down the disposal. While they are liquefied when hot, cooling down turns them into a solid that can expand and block your pipes. The best way to remove them is to pour the hot liquid into a heat-proof plastic container or metal can, wait until it solidifies, then scrape it into the garbage or compost for removal.

    Hopefully these tips help you keep your pipes clear and the water flowing!

  • Rooter Experts Explain: Sump Pump Maintenance

    To keep our customers filled in on the services we provide, our Rooter Experts Explain feature breaks down different processes. A previous article explained trenchless inliner services and today we will look at Sump Pump maintenance and installation.

    What is a Sump Pump?

    Right off the bat you’re probably wondering, what is a sump pump? Well that’s why we’re here to help.

    A sump pump is a pump that prevents flooding in apartments, houses, and buildings. When it rains heavily, as it tends to do from time to time in Los Angeles, the poor drainage can cause backups and water finds its way into basements. This is where the real damage begins.

    Flood water can destroy carpet, furniture, and other items near ground level. What a sump pump does is prevent this flooding from dealing too much damage. Instead of collection on the floor, water is directed towards a sump basin, which is basically a hole. The sump pump extracts the water from the basin, simply called a “sump,” and empties it with an appropriate means of disposal.

    Where is the sump pump located?

    There are two kinds of sump pumps; pedestal and submersible. Pedestal are mounted to the wall above the sump, making sump pump maintenance more convenient. Submersible have a plastic case that is water proof and are actually inside the sump basin, hidden from view.

    Why should I get sump pump maintenance?

    Some people have a sump pump and don’t even realize it. Seriously! Either it has broken down and the area has not flooded, or else it is working perfectly and yet the home owners are unaware of its existence. But wait until it breaks down and major flooding occurs…

    The other reason to get sump pump maintenance is that sump pumps installed long ago do not properly dispose of waste. They may be causing pollution due to changes in sump pump laws, even if you don’t know about it. So contact Rooter Experts, your friendly plumber in Los Angeles , to see if you require sump pump maintenance or to get one installed.

  • Why Should I Pay for Drain Cleaning?

    Some of you may be wondering, Why should I pay for drain cleaning? Couldn’t I just get a bottle of liquid plumber to clear out my clog?

    This is a good question. In these times, people are less likely to waste money on things they don’t need. If you can spend a few bucks on chemicals, why hire a Los Angeles plumbing company to fix the problem?

    For starters, the problem may be worse than you imagine.

    Drain Cleaning

    When a blockage occurs, most people start by purchasing some liquid cleaner to clear out the hair and gunk that is causing the clog. This works fine… most of the time.

    In some situations, the chemical drain cleaning solution is not strong enough to fully remove the obstruction. Then, the residue left behind builds up further, creating an even worse problem down the road.

    Plumber’s Snake

    At this point, you will probably want to try using a plumber’s snake, which is a long retractable wire device, to remove the clog. This works well, but has additional shortcomings.

    If the clog is too far down, the snake will not reach it. The plumber’s snake can also have the same problem as the chemicals, where it cannot fully remove the problem. Finally, without a trained professional, it is easy to scrape or break your porcelain.

    So what do you do?


    For those really tough obstructions that need the next level of drain cleaning, try HydroJetting .

    HydroJetting works like a power washer that you feed down into the pipe. It sprays high-pressured water in several directions simultaneously, removing all build up from the pipe surfaces. It is environmentally safe, effective, and won’t harm your sink, toilet, or shower.

    Ultimately, paying for a Los Angeles plumbing company to perform drain cleaning services is important because they will do a more thorough job, prevent future problems, and have better equipment. Consider that next time your drains aren’t draining properly.

    Emergency Plumber

    If you need an emergency plumber in Los Angeles to perform drain cleaning or other plumbing services, contact Rooter Experts. Our team is well-trained and professional and can handle any emergency plumbing situation you throw at us!

    Follow Rooter Experts on Twitter @RooterExperts and read our blog , with weekly postings, like this one on trenchless inliner services .